I’m accepting new patients only for geriatric/end-of-life care and/or acupuncture.


Urgent Care and Communication

Due to the nature of solo housecall practice, I may not always be available when you need help. I encourage you to text, call, or email (use with any concerns. Texting or voicemail is best for urgent messages. You can expect a response from me on the next business day, or sooner if I am able, unless I am away (see below). If your pet needs attention, and you haven’t been able to reach me, please seek help elsewhere. I recommend calling Onion River Animal Hospital, a local clinic in Montpelier who will see my patients during business hours and on Saturday mornings for urgent care (223-7765); or BEVS, the Burlington Emergency Veterinary Service, which is open 24 hours (802-863-2387). If your pet has a chronic health condition, it will be ideal to bring along your pet’s medications and lab results.

Upcoming Absence

  • December 20 – January 2

During this time I will not have access to email or phone and will respond to your message on the day or two following my return.

Watch this space for advance notice of times when I won’t be available for appointments, and details about how reachable I might be, wherever I am. That information will be here and on my voicemail message while I’m gone. If you send an email to me at while I’m gone, you should get an autoreply telling you when I will be back and whether I will be able to contact you in the meantime.

Prescription Refills

Generally I can take care of these within a day or two, but occasionally I may be out of town and unreachable (see above). To ensure that you have your medications when you need them, please request refills at least one week in advance. Please allow an additional week for anything that will be shipped to you rather than called in to a local pharmacy. This includes, but is not limited to: veterinary-specific medications such as parasite control; Chinese herbs; and compounded medications.

Cancellation/Missed Appointment Policy

I require 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. When we make an appointment, I will give you a one hour window for my arrival (during which I might arrive at any time). This flexibility makes it easier for me to squeeze in something urgent at the last minute. Unfortunately, because I need to keep to my schedule, I can’t give you the same leeway. If you’re not there when I arrive for your appointment, I’ll wait as long as possible for you before I have to leave (typically about 15 minutes). Missed appointments or late cancellations like this will be charged the full fees for the housecall and expected service time.