Help Save Veterinary Housecalls!

Here’s an update about an issue that is dear to my heart, for obvious reasons:

Veterinarians treat multiple species of animals in a variety of settings. Unfortunately, the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as currently written makes it illegal for veterinarians to transport and use controlled substances outside of the locations where they are registered, typically their clinics or homes.

This means that it is illegal for veterinarians to carry and use vital medications for pain management, anesthesia, and euthanasia on farms, in house calls, in veterinary mobile clinics, or in emergency response situations.  We have been able to do so in the past few years only because the DEA has not been consistently enforcing this part of the CSA. However, this is changing, and in some states the DEA has actually begun enforcing this part of the law– severely limiting what we can do, or effectively putting vets out of business.

Veterinarians must be able to legally carry and use controlled substances for the health and welfare of the nation’s animals, to safeguard public safety, and to protect the nation’s food supply.

Please click here to visit the AVMA’s website and send your congressperson a message about the vital importance of this issue.  It’s simple to do, and takes about 5 minutes.  All you have to know is your zip code, and the email has already been written for you– although you can add or change anything you like.

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